Collab-Hub (2020-present)

Collaboration with Nick Hwang and Anthony T. Marasco

A networking tool for sharing data across the internet for multimedia collaboration. Based on Node.js and implemented primarily (so far) in Max.

Available for download here.

John Cage’s Four4 for Robot Percussion (2017–2018)

Collaboration with Brian Elizondo, Anthony T. Marasco, and Landon Viator

John Cage's "Four4" arranged for robot percussion by the EMDM Ensemble at LSU

  • Brian Elizondo – instrument curation and percussion consultation

  • Anthony T. Marasco – fabrication

  • Eric Sheffield – coding

  • Landon Viator – electronics

Premiered at Electric LaTex 2017 at Tin Roof Brewing Company.

Ghostbox (2016)

Interactive installation and haptic musical interface/instrument

This device runs a physics-based model adapted from the Touch-Mass-Spring-String-Fall-Apart example in Edgar Berdahl's Open Source Haptics for Artists and compiled using Synth-A-Modeler and Faust.

Feral Pastures (2014)

Collaboration with Andy Lin, Noel Hernandez, Timotei Dudas, and Simon Alexander-Adams

Interactive installation, supported by a University of Michigan Taubman College Architecture Student Research Grant

Metal Mirror (2014)

Interactive performance system