It Hurts When I Go Like This (2020)

Collaboration with Anna Weisling (video)

Premiered at Common Sage's 11/13/20 Peek Quarantine online concert.

Resuscitation (2017–2019)

Laptop quartet

Composed as part of the Interdependent Series using shared physics-based virtual instruments. Software and scores available here.

Water is Thicker than Blood (2017)

Solo laptop

Composed using a physics-based virtual instrument. Inspired by doom/drone metal.

10 Days (2016)

Collaboration with Samantha Weston (choreography)

Fixed media, 2ch audio with video for dance

The visuals were projected onto the stage over and behind the live dancers.

Flatland (2015)

Collaboration with Anna Weisling (video).

Amplified percussion, live audio processing, and live video

Climb (2013)

Collaboration with Liz Sexe (choreography)

Fixed media, 2ch audio for dance

Arbor I-V (2011)

Collaboration with Anna Weisling (video) and Nick Zoulek (saxophone)

Fixed media, 2ch audio with video

exit crafting (2010)

Collaboration with Anna Weisling (video) and Ben Willis (bass)

Structured improvisation for guitar, laptop, bass, and live video


Bell Monks (2010–present)

Collaboration with Jeff Herriott

"Bell Monks is music for the fog on nights that stretch into dawns, combining simple humming lines with swirling textures."

Longstanding project with composer and UWW music professor Jeff Herriott. Albums are co-composed and co-engineered. Performance duties are usually split with me on guitars, bass, and drums/percussion and Jeff on keyboards, vocals, and processing.

Additional collaborators include:

and others.

The Organgrinders (2012–present)

Blues band with Sven Gonstead (guitar), Brian Lucas (vocals/harmonica/guitar), and Tim Russell (drums).

Multiple self-released albums, some available on Apple Music and Spotify. Engineering and mixing duties shared among members.

The Organgrinders have performed in states throughout the midwest, south, and west coast. We have been fortunate to play multiple times at several festivals, notably the Juke Joint Festival (Clarksdale, MS), Marquette Area Blues Fest (Marquette, MI), and Waukesha Rotary BluesFest (Waukesha, WI).


As composer, engineer, performer, and/or producer


  • Bell Monks The Sun Will Find You LP (on clang)


  • Dragged Across Concrete Original Soundtrack (on Lakeshore Records)


  • Brawl in Cell Block 99 Original Soundtrack (on Lakeshore Records)


  • Bell Monks and Gregory Taylor Brocades + Palimpsests LP (on clang)

  • The Organgrinders Two Monkeys EP

  • Bell Monks Big Bay EP


  • The Organgrinders One Monkey EP


  • Pat J. Peterson Long Road LP


  • Bell Monks Let the Waves Carry Us LP

  • The Organgrinders Paddy Waggin’ LP

  • Terry Murphy Taverns n’ Taps LP


  • Bell Monks Lullabies LP